Welcome to RAISE

Releasing the power of LOVE, to heal and transform grief

Welcome to RAISE

RAISE is an online community bringing together grievers who are seeking a loving (and spiritual) way to transform the pain of grief, so that we can inspire and empower each other to rise, reconnect with our 'dead' loved ones, heal and rebirth into a purposeful and joyful life.

RAISE is a meeting point; a space where the physical world meets the non-physical.

My name is Hannah Velten - writer, grief guide and spirit messenger. I've been a writer/author for over 20 years and never in my wildest dreams thought I'd have the second and third job titles... in fact, I was frightened of anything 'spirit-y'. So, please, if you're feeling nervous, I understand... but, I also know the love and support you find when you gradually (and safely) open yourself to the non-physical world. 

The only reason I embarked on my own "Grief Walk" was because of my brother, Christian - my co-host of RAISE. 

A little background for you: Christian went missing in Mali, Africa, in 2003, when he was 27 years old. He was on a solo expedition and disappeared without a trace, despite numerous searches, and his sudden loss changed everything. It shattered us. But we had hope.

But even hope dissolved as the years went by. It wasn't until 2018 when the truth was eventually revealed. 

By that time, I was spiritually, emotionally, and physically strong enough to learn that he'd been drugged and drowned. Christian, in his spirit form, was the one to tell me, and show me, what had happened to him. 

That obviously sounds so far-fetched that it can't possibly be true, but it is! I always knew that I would find my brother, but I didn't know when or how it would happen. Nor that I would find him in Spirit, rather than in the physical. But... our relationship is stronger than ever. 

Loss is most definitely an illusion. 

In November 2018, Christian and I made a pact... we would work together to heal and transform grief in the world. I never knew why Christian insisted on having 'the world' focus... but with the pandemic of COVID-19 not allowing grievers to follow the 'normal' funeral/grief rites, I can see how well RAISE can step into the vacuum and provide comfort, inspiration and community.

RAISE has taken over a year of hard work to create. We will share our story with you: the truths and lessons we've learned, how unconditional love made our connection possible and how we've healed and grown from a place of traumatic loss. 

Brother and sister. Side by side. A bond unbroken by death.

Our role as hosts:

Christian and I will be creating magic* and miracles** within RAISE. Through our sharing, you'll see that it's possible to continue your relationship with your loved one after their physical death and to rebuild yourself, and your life, with unconditional love being all you need.

We will act as the lighthouses - helping to inspire you, empower you and support you, as you move towards your grief and explore it: we'll be there to hold your hand until you find your own inner strength and resilience

We're here to honestly and openly tell you our story. There is no point is hiding anything. I spent far too many years denying grief and searching externally for Christian and the truth, while all the love, clarity and stamina I needed to find my brother, and full healing, were within me. 

We don't want anyone to have unresolved grief festering... when it's totally possible, and essential, to set yourself free. 

There are two main courses within RAISE, which you can view when you feel ready: 'The Emergency Grief Kit' and 'The Grief Walk'. These (and I quote) "safe and holy" courses contain all the tools, messages and meditations you will need to heal your grief and find purpose moving forwards, together. 

* Magic relies on attention and intention. **Miracles occur with a change in thinking.

What is your role?

We're looking for specific members. We're looking for the daring. We're looking for members who've had enough of searching, fighting and struggling to find a way through, and out of, grief. We're looking for members who REALLY want to fly free (with your loved one right with you).

Our community relies on the honest sharing of experiences and listening to other's. There has to be no judgement. Also, everyone in RAISE is equal and every grief is equal, no matter the situation (you have no idea what thoughts and feelings others are carrying).

To get the most out of yourself, and us all, you will need to gradually develop your own weekly routine involving private reflection/actions and community involvement. We'll guide you every step of the way. We want you to not only feel transformed inside, but also see real changes in your lives, outside of the community. Returning to the 'real world', healed, strong and full of purpose is our ultimate goal for all members: we want others to say, "You've changed!" 

When something good happens to you, while you're part of RAISE, we want you to share this goodness with others. This is why we're creating this community. We want the transformations you experience, while being part of RAISE, to be sent onwards and outwards. This is the only way to affect a global change: encouraging people to think and live in a loving way, rather than a fearful way, about the death of a loved one. 

This is the ultimate goal of RAISE: Unconditional love for yourself, and your loved one in spirit, will bring all the magic and miracles you need to rise out of grief. Christian and I didn't go through 17 years of trauma, loss and pain for anything less. 

What can you expect as members?

On joining RAISE, you will be sent (via email) a PDF of our award-winning first book: Lost & Found: The 8-Pointed Pathway to Healing and Growth After Loss.

Within the RAISE community, we will post most days. Content will vary but it might be a thought-provoking message, an idea, a question or poll, a new perspective, a tip, a recommendation, a video on a certain topic.... the options really are endless. We will just take a leap of faith to start with and see where we go. You, as members, will have an awful lot to do with what appears as content, and what topics you'd like to discuss. You can stay anonymous if you wish and/or watch from the sidelines. You can even explore before joining, to get an idea of what's on offer.

You will be able to comment and share your thoughts, tell your stories, say what's worked for you, say what's not worked for you. You can ask us questions. You can connect with other members in your area, or across the globe. You can invite family members, friends or colleagues to also join RAISE. 

At all times, you will be loved, respected and part of this community. And, as such, your voice will be heard.

I can't guarantee this, but it's also perfectly reasonable to expect that those in the non-physical world will try to connect during live events. Please don't join the community expecting this to happen specifically for you, though. 

We want to empower YOU to have a 2-way communication channel. We will be sharing how Christian and I gradually connected and how you can recognise the signs of your loved one's presence in your lives. 

If you'd like to try and connect with someone specific in Spirit, wish to have a private consultation with Hannah, would like to buy a paperback copy of Lost & Found: The 8-Pointed Pathway to Healing and Growth After Loss or are interested in a 'Letter of a Lifetime', please see my website for details.

What next?

You can explore RAISE for free, by choosing 'Explore' at the top of the page and if you wish to join us, choose 'Join'. You will need to register to become part of our community - there's no cost (we just need your name and email). Have a look around and, if it's for you, stay and let us support you as you transform your grief safely and at your own pace.

NB: Please use the 'Text me the app' feature, below, as this will keep you up to date with notifications on your mobile... 

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